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About Us

The Dubai arm of the Official Liverpool Supporters Club came into existence in 2006 thanks to the initial hard work, persistence and dedication of Bob Kabli and Russell Overy. Bob and Russell are passionate Liverpool supporters who wanted to get together with other Reds in Dubai to watch games, share stories and actively support the club from distant shores. Since inception they have had the added support of Neil Briody, Alex Marr and Graham Brumby in helping make Dubai Reds the best supported and most active Supporters Club in Dubai.


With official affiliation coming in late 2006, the club was initially opened to membership via e-mail, starting with a hotmail address as a point of contact. Within a short time the club went from strength to strength and a website (imaginatively called was set up, in addition to a more formal membership scheme. The club is now well established and well known in Dubai and currently has over 200 active members on its distribution list, having had over 500 members cumulatively since formation.


Members come from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds so match days offer an excellent opportunity to make new friends or discuss the trials and tribulations of anything from Liverpool Football Club to life in Dubai. Such is the passion of the supporters here that even Tuesday night matches have in the past seen over 400 people packed into Goodfellas at 1am to cheer on the mighty Liverpool, so expect plenty of Reds no matter what the day, the time or the competition!


Dubai Reds are socially very active with a 5-a-side team playing in a local league (and doing very well), regular weekend get togethers and the (in)famous Christmas and End of Season parties which are the highlight of the social calendar! Through official affiliation the club also gets access to home game tickets and over 100 members have been to Anfield and taken advantage of the most magical experience in football, over 30 members also made the pilgrimage to Istanbul and Athens and you might even get a story or two about those nights if you can find the right people!


The club is also involved in charity work and has raised money for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, Al Noor Centre for Children with Special Needs (in Dubai), Harmony House (helping orphans in India), Jamie Carragher's 23 Foundation and Standard Chartered's 'Seeing is Believing' charitible intiaitve.


So whether you live in Dubai or are just visiting, make sure you come down to join us at McGettigans JLT where you will find lots of friendly faces and a very warm welcome.

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